Nickelback are teasing a seriously heavy new song and the internet is loving it

Chad Kroeger throwing the horns
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Historically, rock and metal rhetoric hasn't always been the kindest to Nickelback. Ever since they first broke into the mainstream consciousness with 2001 smash hit single How You Remind Me, they've often been treated like something of a joke by the scene's more 'credible' corners, written off as goofy rock wannabes not fit to polish the plectrums of the guitar gods who inspired them. Despite selling millions of albums and headlining arenas around the world, Nickelback still seem to attract the ire of certain corners of the rock world. 

Now, it appears all that might finally be about to change. This week, Nickelback teased ten tantalising seconds of new music, trailering what sounds on initial listen like the heaviest song they've ever written.

Starting with a clatter of rumbling, rolling drums and bass punctuated by Gojira-esque pick scrapes (yes, you read that right), the snippet of the new song then settles into a heavy, bass-y stomp before being cut agonisingly short. While Nickelback have certainly flirted with the heavier side of rock music before, could we about to see Chad and the gang go full heavy metal?

Whatever happens, the preview has sent Twitter into overdrive, with thousands of users analysing, celebrating and memeifying the hell out of this unexpected new direction.

"Nickelback sounding heavier than Architects was not on my 2022 bingo card," comments one user.

"Nickelback is really about to drop a Metalcore banger and the Butt-Rock prophecy will be fulfilled," suggests another.

"NICKELBACK IS DROPPING A HARDCORE EP," screams another ecstatically. 

"100% here for a wall of death at a nickelback show," offers someone else.

One user promises to raise hell at a future Nickelback show in honour of their seemingly heavy new direction, Tweeting: "Where were you the night we opened the pit at a nickelback show"

Even some prominent music artists are getting in on the hype.

Atilla frontman Fronz jokingly suggests a tour between the two artists could now be on the cards, Tweeting: "NICKELBACK x ATILLA TOUR HAPPENING SOON?"

Genre-splicing trap-metal rapper Backxwash is loving it too, quote-tweeting the preview with a hearty "Open the fucking pit".

Hell, even major US drinks brand Four Loko are apparently excited, noting: "I’m here for Nickelback djent"

To add to the drama, many longtime Nickelback fans are rushing to Twitter to defend their heroes from Johnny-come-latelys or people being sarcastic about the heavy new song.

"There’s still time for you to delete those tweets making fun of Nickelback before they drop this new song and you love it.. just saying," offers one fan.

"Sick and tired of people pretending nickelback isn’t good," says another. "Feeling way too damn good? Far away? How you remind me? Savin me? Grow up!

"Nickelback is good, y'all are just mean," states another bluntly.

A new Nickelback album would mark the band's tenth studio record and first since 2017s Feed The Machine. On the basis of the reaction to this early preview, it seems like more ears from the metal world may be upon the Canadians than ever before.

Listen to the ten-second preview of new Nickelback material below.

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