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Watch Metallica's St.Anger snare drum become a metalhead's sleep paralysis demon in this hilarious TikTok video


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Sleep paralysis is a peculiar night-time phenomenon that has a knack for pairing its victim with their darkest fears. Whether it be a sinister bogeyman or a blackened apparition, in an hilarious TikTok video, this comedian/metalhead reveals his sleep paralysis demon to take a somewhat less conventional form.

Courtesy of extreme metal band Raised By Owls, who proclaim to make “stupid comedy videos and terrible music”, drummer Lee Deane depicts a moment all too familiar for the common metalhead – being disturbed by the sound of the snare drum on Metallica’s 2003 album St. Anger. In a slightly alternative depiction of this famous shared hatred, Deane is haunted by the drum as it takes the role of his spookiest night time fear.

As he blissfully catches some shut-eye, he’s awoken to the heinous sound. Mimicking the clang of a pitifully empty beer keg, the sharp hair-raising noise continues, as the drum finally takes shape in the corner of his bedroom. As it ultimately spins and floats closer to a panic-stricken Deane, he's soon met by Lars Ulrich’s yowling face. It’s the stuff of nightmares, really, and we’re glad this is just a comedy sketch.

For more witty creations by Raised By Owls, where you’ll find them acting out a variety of comical metal scenes such as “Being the sound engineer for Slipknot in the early 2000s” and “When you see a fellow metalhead in public”, check out their TikTok profile.

Elizabeth Scarlett

Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a music-obsessed creative soul with a love for all things heavy. In her spare time you’ll probably find her designing music magazines, playing the bass and most likely fantasising about Lemmy.