Watch a shark drum along to Voyager's Submarine

(Image credit: Press)

Ever seen a shark play prog drums? Or any kind of drums for that matter? No, us neither... Until now that is...

Trust those fun-loving Aussie proggers Voyager to continue to break the mould and push the boat out. Only on this case, they're gonna need a bigger boat! Here's a drum playthrough of Voyager's latest single Submarine, you know, the one they've already released an hilarious nautical themed video for. With a shark drumming along!

"Submarine is a beast of a song to play on the drums - packed to the gills with chaotic fills and bombastic beats that leave me wrecked by the end," says Voyager drummer Ash Doodkorte. "It was such a relief to hand over drumming duties to A. Shark for this one and leave it in his very capable fins. He really sunk his teeth into this track, and I think you'll agree that this frenzied performance is a joy to behold. We're going to need a bigger kit."

Voyager are currently in the studio and word has it that they might be willing to give Eurovision one last shot. The selection process has reverted to being internal for Australia this year, so the band are at the mercy of a killer tune and the support of the rock and metal community to take them through to the competition. You can tweet to @sbseurovision your wishes for them to represent Australia.

The band came second in this year's competition to represent Australia with Dreamer, winning the public vote but just missing out when it came to internal voting. In the end Australian pop singer Sheldon Riley represented the country and came 16th with Not The Same, amassing a massive two votes fro the general public!

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