VIDEO: if Crobot edited Classic Rock


Crobot, whose new album Something Supernatural — described in Classic Rock as "quite brilliant, like Clutch, Soundgarden, AC/DC and Slash meeting up in a comic book store to nerd out about wizards, and chupacabras" — is released on October 27, have filmed a clip in which they reveal what they'd do if they were editing Classic Rock magazine.

“I would put Mother’s Finest on the cover”, says guitarist Chris Bishop. “Because I feel like they’re under-rated. Not a lot of people know about them, and they’re fucking awesome.”

The band, who toured the UK last month, go on to reveal which artists should receive more coverage, which new albums they’d give good reviews to, which classic album they’d feature, and which band, artist, album or feature they’d refuse to publish.

Something Supernatural launches on October 27 and follows the 2012 LP The Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer and a self-titled four-track EP, which was released in May. It’s available in the usual formats, plus a limited edition white vinyl version of just 25 copies.