Vesania detail Deus Ex Machina


Polish black metal outfit Vesania have unveiled their latest album.

Deus Ex Machina launches on October 28 via Metal Blade Records and is the band’s first record since 2007 Distractive Killusions.

And to give fans a taster of their new material, the band featuring Behemoth bassist Orion and Dimmu Borgir drummer Daray, have issued the track Innocence. Hear it below.

The band say: “Deus Ex Machina is a call for any kind of help or intervention because all of the lyrics on the album and hopeless and show characters in situations that leaves them powerless.

“One of the tracks tells the story of the lowering of an actor, supposedly the god, on to a stage before a corrupted man searching for answers. That actor is lowered by a noose around their neck, having already died.

“The lyrics paint a drab picture, particularly when paired with equally black music.”

Deus Ex Machina is currently available to pre-order on CD, double LP and limited-edition double coloured vinyl.


  1. Halflight 2. Innocence 3. Disillusion 4. Vortex 5. Dismay 6. Glare 7. Notion 8. Disgrace 9. Fading 10. Scar