Verse Vica premiere Ravenholm


Verse Vica have dropped a track from their forthcoming album.

Ravenholm is lifted from debut record Endeavor, which launches on October 6. The track is available to stream and can be downloaded for free.

And guitarist Paul Meisner says the track was influenced by video game Half-Life 2, one of the band’s favourite titles.

He says: “It was very difficult for us to pick which song to release first, but we went with Ravenholm since it shows off a few of our different musical styles and influences.

“It also has a really fun lyrical concept based around a classic section of the video game Half-Life 2, which we love. With this track, in contrast to some of the softer lighter material from the album preview we released recently, people should have a good idea of what to expect on the full record.”

The band recently revealed the album was a musical hybrid, fusing elements of “prog, metal and post-rock.”