Verse Vica detail 'musical hybrid'


Prog metallers Verse Vica have released a teaser for debut album Endeavor, to be released in two versions – one with vocals and one without.

The North Carolina natives launch the title on October 6, and they describe it as “a 41-minute musical hybrid, journeying through the realms of prog, metal and post rock.”

Guitarist Paul Meisner says: “Endeavor represents everything we love about modern progressive metal. Our goal when writing the album was to have it be a single cohesive and unbroken piece of music, yet still allow each song to retain their own unique identity.”

He believes the twin editions offer listeners more options for interacting with their work at different levels, saying: “Whether someone wants to listen to it all at once, or if they want to break it up instead, each will be a different experience. Either way, we really hope people enjoy the record.”


  1. Airyth 2. Cities I: Cerulean 3. Verdugo 4. Ravenholm 5. Marumari 6. Djinn 7. Koholint 8. Cities II: Saffron