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Tusmorke stream Ekebergkongen

Norwegian prog heroes Tusmorke have made their track Ekebergkongen available to stream with TeamRock.

It’s the opening track from the band’s upcoming third album Fort Bak Lyset, which is released on March 18 via Svart Records.

According to the label, the album sees Tusmorke “explore ancient folklore of Oslo, the spheres on the far side of death and space and the pathless lands off the beaten track.”

Fort Bak Lyset translates as “led behind the light,” and the record is produced by Lars Fredrik Froislie. It’s the follow-up to 2014 effort Risek Bak Speilet.


  1. Ekebergkongen
  2. Et Djevelsk Mareritt
  3. De Reiser Fra Oss
  4. F¿rt Bak Lyset
  5. Spurvehauken
  6. Nordmarka
  7. Vinterblot