Trump will stop using Aerosmith's Dream On


US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has agreed to stop using Aerosmith’s Dream On at his election campaign events.

The band’s frontman Steven Tyler this week instructed his lawyers to serve a cease-and-desist order on Trump to prevent him using the song again.

The billionaire real estate magnate played Dream On at a rally in Alabama in August. He was asked not to do so again, but the song was used at a political gathering in Georgia at the weekend, prompting Tyler’s lawyers to get involved and giving Trump 24 hours to respond.

According to TMZ, the frontrunner to be named the Republican party candidate for 2016’s election says he has the legal right to use the track, but will stop doing so as Tyler is a ‘supporter.’

Asked how he felt about Tyler’s letter, Trump tells Fox News: “It’s all been worked out.”

Tyler’s attorney Dina LaPolt insisted the singer has no “personal issue” with Trump. She said: “Steven works tirelessly with both Republicans and Democrats regarding copyright reform and his position has always been consistent regarding copyright and intellectual property.

“Simply, one must get permission from the music creators. Steven wrote 100% of Dream On and this is about the un-authorised use of his property. Steven is a registered Republican.”

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