Trivium ex Augusto joins Orbweaver


Sacked Trivium drummer Nick Augusto has joined Miami metal outfit Orbweaver.

Augusto was axed by Trivium in the middle of a tour last year, and replaced by his own drum tech Mat Madiro. And last month he revealed he had formed a new band called Corrosion with members of Insense and Before The Mourning.

Now he has been snapped up by Orbweaver – a band he has been friendly with for years. The band’s guitarist is Hate Eternal axeman Randy Piro. Orbweaver are working on a their second album, entitled Hexagram 23.

Augusto says: “I’m happy to have been asked to be a part of Orbweaver. We have all played shows with each other’s bands in the past and have been friends in this scene for quite some time now.

“I’ve jammed with Randy before, so the timing was right when we got a hold of each other to join forces and write new material. Looking forward to what this new CD and the future holds for Orbweaver.”