Tremonti detail Dust

Tremonti will release their third album, Dust, on April 29 via Fret12.

Produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette, the project was recorded during the same sessions as 2015’s Cauterize.

As a result, Dust also features the lineup of guitarist and vocalist Mark Tremonti, guitarist Eric Friedman, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen and drummer Garrett Whitlock.

The frontman says the two projects developed quite naturally in the studio.

Tremonti told Army Of 12 Germany: ”At first I just wanted to record as many songs as possible. But when I stepped back and listened to it, I was, like, ‘You know what? Let’s make two records.’ So I left some of my favourite songs on the second record, just so people aren’t gonna buy the first record and then go, ‘Okay, this is the good record and this is the bad one.’

“The title track Dust has the best chorus of the whole recording process. Dust has my favourite solo. The opening track, My Last Mistake, is one of my favourite songs. It’s got the big ballad of the two records. It’s definitely not the ‘b-sides’ of Cauterize.”

Dust is available for pre-order, including exclusive fan bundles featuring autographed CDs, handwritten lyric sheets, and the opportunity for supporters to have their name listed in the project’s liner notes.

Tremonti kick off a European tour on May 31 in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and will perform at Download on June 10.

Tremonti Dust tracklist

  1. My Last Mistake
  2. The Cage
  3. Once Dead
  4. Dust
  5. Betray Me
  6. Tore My Heart Out
  7. Catching Fire
  8. Never Wrong
  9. Rising Storm
  10. Unable To See

Tremonti 2016 tour dates

May 31: Aschaffenburg Colos Saal, Germany
Jun 01: Freiburg Jazzhaus, Germany
Jun 07: Saarbrucken Garage, Germany
Jun 10: Donington Download Festival, UK
Jun 17: Clisson Rue Du Champ Louet, France