This video of a man playing Sleep’s Dragonaut while balancing a motorcycle on an amplifier is peak internet

Sleep bike man
(Image credit: Bassil / YouTube)

If it’s not too personal a question, what have you - yes, YOU - done with your day today?

We pose the question not because we’ve a burning desire to be a cop, but because, frankly, if you haven’t spent a portion of your waking hours playing gargantuan stoner rock riffs while balancing a motorbike atop a big old unit of a Fender amp then you might want to ask yourself what exactly you’re doing with your life.

Look at our new pal Bassil. Look at him! On a motorbike, on an amp, cradling a guitar. See where we’re going with this? Be more Bassil. 

One or two of you out there will doubtless be reading this and smugly muttering, ‘Grinding out Sleep riffs on a trials bike atop a state of the art amplifier? Get with the programme daddio, that was soooooo 2020.’ In which case, respect to you.

However, what if we said, ‘Ah, yes, but can you play the accompanying bass riff while perched on a unicycle?’ What then, eh? Eh?

At this point, for transparency, we feel compelled to admit that Bassil is not, strictly speaking, our friend. Yet. What he is, however, is “a multi-instrumentalist who likes to play covers or original tracks while riding on one or two wheels with his pipe”, apparently. And who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

We hope to see and hear more from Bassil. We'll say no more than that.

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