This mash-up of Metallica's One and Wham's Last Christmas is the anti-holiday anthem the world needs to hear

Metallica in xmas hats and Wham
(Image credit: Press, Wham)

Recently, TikTok gave us the delightfully un-hinged mash-up of Wham's Last Christmas and Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff, which together made the ultimate anti-xmas anthem, ideal for those wanting to drown out that relentless holiday cheer.

Now, another metalhead with a similar hankering for madness has created their own mash-up with the George Michael-helmed jingle, this time using Metallica's anti-war track One, from their 1988 album ...And Justice For All.

Unsurprisingly, the unconventional mix has gone viral, and it's now being used to soundtrack people's own Xmas videos, usually ones of a more comedic nature.

Amassing a total of 229.1K views, the clip has even grabbed the attention of Metallica. Under the video, they've simply posted the "thinking emoji" (🤔). In other words, they're a little baffled at the fact their song has been used for such chaotic means. 

For the creation, the vocals from One's bridge is used, which features frontman James Hetfield hammering out the lines: 'Darkness imprisoning me / All that I see / Absolute horror / I cannot live / I cannot die / Trapped in myself / Body my holding cell'. Meanwhile, the familiar synth-laden, peppy introduction of Last Christmas plays out underneath, together forming one weirdly juxtaposing jumble of energies and sound. 

Nonetheless, it kind of works, and just like the aforementioned Limp Bizkit x Wham amalgamation, we feel it really captures the spirit of those who feel suffocated by the holidays. 'Left me with life in hell'...more like the in-laws are visiting and forcing me into yet another game of Monopoly. Sigh.

Check it out below:


♬ one x last christmas - 👹axel👹
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