This genius Van Halen vs Stevie Wonder mash-up is the party anthem 2021 needs

Van Halen / Stevie Wonder
(Image credit: Bill McClintock / YouTube)

YouTuber Bill McClintock hears music in a different way from most mere mortals and has the imagination, wit and technical skills to meld songs from disparate artists to create some truly fabulous and unforgettable mash-ups. 

Has anyone else ever heard Van Halen’s Unchained and Stevie Wonder’s Motown classic Uptight and thought, ‘I wonder how they’d sound cut together?‘ Of course you haven‘t, because this is Bill McClinton’s world now and we are mere players.

This, of course, is just a taster for what McClintock can do. You may remember some of his other masterpieces: Ratt vs. Marvin Gaye, Marilyn Manson vs. Mariah Carey, Danzig vs. Donna Summer, Slayer vs. The Bangles, Slayer vs. The B-52s, Slayer vs. Wham, Guns N' Roses vs. Stevie Wonder... everyone a winner, baby. 

"Trying to find two compatible songs takes a really long time," McClintock told Mouthing Off Magazine last year. "I’ve done eighty or so mashups. You would think that the more you do, the easier it gets. However, I think that it has gotten more difficult – my standards are higher. 

"But it’s like you're going fishing. You sit there all day, day after day you get nothing. But then once you’ve found that match, and they sound so good together, it makes it worth it, to the point where I want to keep doing it." 

Bill McClintock, we salute you.

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