Ratt and Marvin Gaye collide in ultimate sixties soul/hair metal mash-up

Marvin Gaye with Ratt
Marvin Gaye with Ratt (Image credit: Getty Images)

In today’s episode of “Somebody’s Got Too Much Time On Their Hands”, a YouTube user going by the name Bill McClintock has released a mash-up video of Ratt’s 1984 single Round And Round and Marvin Gaye’s 1968 classic I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

The mash-up follows the in the footsteps of Round And Round being used to prominent effect in the second series of Stranger Things, to accompany a scene in which character Billy Hargrove lifts weights.

McClintock’s video is the fourth uploaded to his channel. The previous three include an Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson mashup entitled Billy Cocaine, a video in which Van Halen collide in spectacular fashion with Whitney Houston on How Will I Dance The Night Away, and Stayin’ A Hollaback Girl, where The Bee Gees’ disco monster Stayin’ Alive somehow meshes with Gwen Stafani’s Hollaback Girl.

Comments on the video’s YouTube page include one from user kinskifilms, who says, “I have a PhD in Mashups from Harvard College Yale. I’m happy to report that after analyzing all the data, my colleagues and I can conclude that this is the most pristine mashup in the world.”

Elsewhere, user EG FLA remarks that “This should be our national anthem,” while user Wally Ordona proclaims, “Who’d have thought that Marvin Gaye was so metal? Fucking great!!!”

Awesome job, Bill McClintock, whoever you are.

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