This Slayer Raining Blood mash-up will brighten up your entire day

(Image credit: YouTube)

YouTube mash-up extraordinaire Bill McClintock has been at it again. 

This time, in an effort to "entertain you whilst social distancing" the mash-up master has worked his magic on Slayer's Raining Blood, uniting the thrash metal masterpiece with the B-52s Rock Lobster.

"That can't possibly work!" we hear you exclaim. But oh how wrong you are. It's a match made in heaven... or well, hell in fact, and it is exactly what we needed in such an unprecedented period of turmoil. 

Weirdly, this isn't the first time the B-52s' Rock Lobster has been fused with a rock act.  Earlier this year DJ Cummerbund used their classic new wave track in a mash-up with Kiss' Detroit Rock City to create Detroit Rock Lobster.

Check out Raining Lobsters below.