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This action figure is the ultimate tribute to Power Trip singer Riley Gale

(Image credit: Will Ireland/Mr.Cooke Customz)

The tragic death of Power Trip singer Riley Gale last month at the age of 34  prompted a wave of tributes from fans and friends alike. But one person has gone a step further, by creating a special one-off Riley Gale action figure.

Manchester-based Mr.Cooke Customz – a self-professed purveyor of “No-frills customs, bootlegs, knockoffs & tat” – created the figure in honour of Riley, and it’s bang on, from the trucker cap/moustache combo down.

What's really cool about it is that it’s a complete, not-for-sale one-off - it seems to have made it purely for the love of Power Trip.

This isn't the first metal or rock icon Mr.Cooke Customz has created – he's made similar custom figures based on Axl Rose, rapper Backxwash, the goat from the cover of Bathory‘s albums and Alan Partridge.

Check out his Insta here and his Etsy shop here.