There's an actual baby who can play guitar on TikTok and it's freaking everyone out

Baby playing guitar on TikTok
(Image credit: TikTok)

While it's pretty easy to plop a guitar in front of a baby and let their uncoordinated little hands trundle away at the strings, it's hardly proof of early musical genius. However, one suspiciously skilled baby on TikTok is putting all other talented tots to shame, and it's freaking everyone out.

The surprise and alarm derives from the fact that the little one not only knows where to put their hands on the guitar, but they have a strangely adult demeanour when it comes to handling it.

Although they're clearly still some time away from rocking out to Nirvana much less embarking on Steve Vai-style sonic symphonies, the young one already knows how to pluck one string, while precisely placing their other hand on the fretboard, as evidenced in the TikTok video below.

The most startling moment however is when the young sprog hands over their pacifier to a parent (with all the experienced prowess and poise of an old rockstar putting aside a glass of whisky or cigarette), to fully focus on the music. Then, after noodling on a string for a few more seconds, the baby reaches out to a tuning peg, and begins to turn it. Again, this is no idle fumbling around as most babies do, this cot-crawler looks as if they've done it a million times before.

The kid appears so experienced in fact, that commenters are convinced that it's proof of reincarnation, and that they're somehow remembering their skills from a past life.

"This is why I'm 99% sure reincarnation is real", "As a musician, all of a sudden I believe in reincarnation", Remembering past life talents!" and "This here is one of the few unexplainable things in life that convince me our souls keep on trucking after this physical body is done" are just a few comments from stunned viewers.

Less enchanted viewers however believe it's simply just a very clever baby mimicking their parents. Either way, it's pretty extraordinary.

Check out the axe-slinging babe below:


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For more videos of rocking babies, there's this video of a small whippersnapper grooving out to Iron Maiden, a baby drumming to Slipknot's Unsainted (with the help of their dad), and even one who's trying to learn how to scream like their metalhead parent.

The future of heavy music is in safe hands, people!

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