Watching this hilarious baby headbang to Iron Maiden is all we need to feel truly alive today

Baby and Bruce Dickinson
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There aren't a lot of things out there that can guarantee an automatic mood-boost, but thankfully, we have the definitive list of such delights right here: puppies, kittens, other small furry creatures, babies, and of course, heavy metal.

To prove this point, we now present a video that was supplied by none other than Iron Maiden themselves.

In the video, which was uploaded to their TikTok account, a family can be seen preparing to break out into dance while Iron Maiden's 1983 classic The Trooper plays over the top. Before the parents can get fully into it though, their young, clearly very cheeky baby, nabs the phone and begins enthusiastically headbanging into the screen with a mischievous grin. The future of metal is in safe hands, people!

The video has amassed over 2 million views and over 300K likes, and although we don't think the family are really dancing to the Maiden song, as it sounds like the music has been placed over the top rather than played through their own speakers, it's still brilliant all the same. One parent is even doing some sort of bunny-hop dance move, which isn't a standard Maiden-appreciation move, but who's to say we won't all be doing it by next year?

Check it out below:


♬ The Trooper (2015 Remaster) - Iron Maiden

For more adorable metal content, there's also this video of cats losing their minds/causing a ruckus to Iron Maiden's 1984 Powerslave anthem The Duellist.

Iron Maiden are currently in the midst of their North American Legacy Of The Beast tour.

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