The Lounge Kittens tackle Aerosmith in hilarious new video

Following on from their superb re-working of Limp Bizkit's Rollin', Southampton harmony vocal trio The Lounge Kittens have turned their attention to Aerosmith's Diane Warren-penned monster ballad I Don't Want To Miss A Thing with equally entertaining results.

Directed and produced by Marianne Harris, the video sees the three Kittens using somewhat sinister seduction techniques on an unsuspecting gentleman.

Jen Kitten, who conceived the reworking of the song, says “I came up with the idea whilst I was in bed… alone, mind you! I was thinking about the different types of style that we could utilise and thought I’d really like to do something in a tango style. I was imagining the kind of naughty, sexy, but totally clueless image we could make through a tango, and started thinking of songs that could suit it.”

“The tango is totally about power, so I naturally turned to rock and more specifically, rock love songs and well, we’d been wanting to work on an Aerosmith track for a while…”

The Kittens are set to appear at Glastonbury and Sonisphere festivals this summer.

Here’s a reminder of their excellent debut single.