The Atomic Beau Project tackle mental health issues on new single In The Storm

The Atomic Beau Project
(Image credit: Alex Nisirou)

Brisbane-based prog rockers The Atomic Beau Project have shared their video for their brand new single In The Storm, which is released today.

In the new single vocalist Emma Beau highlights the positive effect hallucinogens can have on mental health and its origins in helping people overcome their own obstacles.

“There seems to be more and more stories of people having these huge life changing experiences through hallucinogenic drugs like psilocybin” she says. "During the experience, people report these life shattering realisations, where they feel their very self being stripped away from them, only to be rebuilt afterwards in a new and better form. It’s something that’s very new to us in the west, but ancient cultures have been practicing this form of self-discovery and change for centuries, if not millennia.

"As a mental health worker, I find this such an amazingly interesting way of overcoming adversity, facing your fears, and getting into the depths of your soul. I’ve really tried capturing these themes in the lyrics to this track, which are the deep roots we have with nature as a way of overcoming afflictions, the experiences people go through during hallucinogenic trips, and the mental journey the user takes in finding themselves during the experience."

In The Storm was recorded in-house by guitarist Andy James and was mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Diamond Construct, Void Of Vision).

Jerry Ewing

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