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Teeth tackle global lockdown with ferocious new single Deathrace

Teeth (Image credit: Hold Tight! PR)

Teeth have launched a video for their ferocious new single Deathrace.

The band features vocalist Blake Prince (ex-Straight Reads The Line, Anniversary), guitarist Chris LeMasters (Hundred Suns, ex-Dead and Divine), and drummer Ryan Leger (Hundred Suns, Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die).

The trio recorded the track just last week during the lockdown, with all three working remotely from their home studios.

LeMasters says: “After having to cancel our touring plans for the foreseeable future and re-schedule the recording of our new record due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we said fuck it – let's keep moving however we can.

“We refuse to be a band that complains or stands still because circumstances aren't ideal. Teeth is a fight – it's uncomfortable because that's exactly what it's meant to be, and this is no different."

As for Deathrace, LeMasters says: "We were all going to be stuck at home anyway, so why not write and record a song about our personal experiences with this whole thing.

Deathrace touches on the negative mental impact global events like this can have on people, while also asking, ‘Are we the real problem? Are we the fuckin' plague?’

“While so many of us are quarantining ourselves to help stop the spread of this virus, you can still turn on the television and see parks full of people, college kids throwing house parties, packed beaches in Florida, all while governments turn to having to legally enforce social distancing with fines and penalties. 

“It's almost like the human race wants to self-destruct. This is an unfortunate but interesting event to live through. It's very telling.”

Teeth are currently working on their as-yet-untitled debut EP, further details of which will be released in due course.