System Of A Down talk about studio return

Serj Tankian says System Of A Down have discussed recording a new album.

The band are currently preparing for their Wake Up The Souls world tour which aims to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide of April 1915, in which 1.5million Armenians were murdered by the Ottoman Empire.

SOAD will play at London’s SSE Arena on April 10 as part of the tour.

While they have kept busy with live shows, it’s been 10 years since they released last albums Mezmerize and Hypnotize.

But Tankian says a long-awaited return to the studio could be on the cards once the Wake Up The Souls tour comes to an end in April, if he and guitarist Daron Malakian can write enough good material.

He tells Rolling Stone: “There has been talk, and we are going to play this tour, come back and we’re going to see where we are. If we have songs that work for System, if I have them and Daron has them.

“The openness is there to work together, but we haven’t made any particular plans that we can announce.”

Tankian adds that he has written tracks that could work for SOAD. He says: “I have a few that could apply, but I’m not sure until the time comes where I can actually play them for the guys and see if it’s something that vibes off them.”

Drummer John Dolmayan said last year that he was frustrated by the current situation and he hinted at creative struggles within the band.