Sweet Billy Pilgrim take inspiration from JFK death

Sweet Billy Pilgrim will release fourth album Motorcade Amnesiace on May 25 via Kscope, they’ve confirmed.

And the title was inspired by the assassination of US president John F Kennedy in 1963.

Frontman Tim Elsenburg says: “When it came to making the record, all the songs started to form around the struggle against the cynical heart. I wanted to find a symbolic moment in our history, where it felt a little like innocence was lost and something ugly and hopeless started to creep in.

“I thought of JFK – as we followed that motorcade through the streets of Dallas, in post gunshot-shock, maybe we forgot how to hope for something better, just a little.”

The follow-up to 2012’s Crown And Treaty sees a new lease of life for Elsenburg. He explains: “I’ve rediscovered my love of the electric guitar, and of riffs. I’m jokingly referring to it as our ‘Queens Of The Sprout Age album.’ I like to imagine it as a point in time and space where Josh Homme and Paddy McAloon might meet, fall in love and produce a ginger, epically-bearded SBP-shaped baby.”

Sweet Billy Pilgrim have streamed lead track _Coloma Blues – hear it below. They appear on the [Prog_-sponsored stage at Desertfest next month](http://www.teamrock.com/news/2015-01-14/amplifier-headline-prog-stage-at-desertfest).


  1. Candle Book and Bell 2. Fast Forward To The Freeze Frame 3. Make It So 4. Slingshot Grin 5. Tyrekickers 6. Burn Before Reading 7. Just Above Midtown 8. Chasing Horses 9. Longstreth 10. We Just Did What Happened And Nobody Came 11. Coloma Blues