Steve Thorne shares video trailer for new album Malice In Plunderland

Steve Thorne
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Prog singer songwriter Steve Thorne has announced that he will release his new solo album, Malice In Plunderland, through White Knight Records on April 7. You can watch a video trailer for the new album below.

“My new album is a direct and honest manifestation of my feelings, thoughts and emotions relating to the last two years or more towards the crazy tyrannical, deceptive onslaught by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ upon we the people," says Thorne.

"The propaganda and outright lies of the sick corporate western governments of Europe and the USA and the bought and paid-for mainstream medias that seemingly loves to wreck and destroy all that is good and wholesome on this earth.

"I would love to be writing hope-filled, uplifting songs and lyrics, but it would be deluded and dishonest to do so in these dark and uncertain times that are so obviously deliberately foisted upon us."

The new album sees Big Big Train drummer Nick D'Virgilio guesting on three tracks, with guitarist Geoff Lee and drummer Kyle Fenton also appearing.

Malice In Plunderland will be available through the White Knight Records website.

Steve Thorne

(Image credit: White Knight Records)

Steve Thorne: Malice In Plunderland
1. Rubble And Dust
2. Malice In Plunderland
3. Tall And Strong
4. Catherine Wheel
5. Cup Of Truth
6. Who Or Where You Are
7. These Clowns
8. Good Times To Come
9. To Mock A Killingbird
1.0 Downstream

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