Steve Rothery and Mark King guest on new Dave Foster Band album

Dave Foster Band
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Anglo-Dutch melodic proggers The Dave Foster Band have announced they will release their third album Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us through English Electric Recordings on May 17. You can watch a video for Sleep Spindles, the first music from the album below.

The album features guest appearances from Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery (also Foster's boss in the Steve Rothery Band), Level 42's Mark King and Big Big Train violinist Carly Bryant.

"I had previously asked Steve Rothery if he would perform on a track," says Foster. "Once I had the structure for the new song These Tendencies, I immediately thought that he would enjoy playing over it. We've known each other for so long and know each other's playing so well that these decisions become easy. I adore his solo on it.” As for Mark King, he adds: “we have a mutual friend who I asked to pass on a message enquiring if he might be up for playing on the song Talent To Failure, and thankfully he said ‘yes’. It was exciting that he wanted to work with us.”

"I learned about sleep spindles while reading the brilliant Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker,” Foster adds of new single Sleep Spindles. “In short, they are a specific brain wave pattern that researchers believe is a process that our brains use for long term memory consolidation and sensory processing. When I first read the phrase I wrote it down as a potential song title."

"I remember loving the title when Dave suggested it,” adds singer Dinet Poortman, “figuring that different wave patterns that can be measured in your brain were like individual places you can visit and have all sorts of experiences. I used to be a lecturer in Neuropsychology and did a course that taught me all about sleep spindles and the different stages of your brain while concentrating, at rest and asleep. In the process of writing the lyric for the song I was having sleep issues for pretty much the first time ever and it got me thinking about the effects of sleep, or no sleep at all."

Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us will be available on vinyl and CD on May 31 and as a digital album on June 26. You can see the new album artwork, by by Japan-based photographer Tsuki Kitsune, below.

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Dave Foster Band

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Dave Foster Band: Maybe They'll Come Back For Us
1. Sleep Spindles
2. Talent To Failure
3. Pollyanna
4. These Tendencies
5. The Optimist
6. Queen Of Maybe
7. Delicate Things
8. Whirling Of Whales

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