Stealing The Fire to release first new album in 21 years

Stealing The Fire on a hilltop
(Image credit: Stealing The Fire)

Norfolk proggers Stealing The Fire are to release the 70s-inspired King Of Shadows via Bandcamp on August 28.

The band’s second album has been 21 years in the making and follows on from 1999’s Hot Ice And Wondrous Strange Snow.

Leader Chris Bond says: “We never intended it to take so long but life, as they say, got in the way. Through good times and bad, we have been piecing it together, on and off, all those years. It’s survived transfers through three different recording systems, two studio moves and a global pandemic, not to mention various personal triumphs and setbacks along the way.”

Says guitarist Tim Lane: “The elements of our previous album that met with so much approval from fans and reviewers alike are still there. The interweaving guitar and keyboard lines, the layering of musical textures, the lyrical imagery and of course Saff’s [Paffron] extraordinary vocals are front and centre as you’d expect, but there are other new influences to be heard as well. There are hints of traditional British and Irish folk, some instrumental passages inspired by the likes of King Crimson and Gentle Giant, and our shared interest in experimental electronic music can also be heard.”

King Of Shadows tracklisting

1. King of Shadows
2. Fools Parade
3. Medusa
4. Out Of Nothing
5. The Tower

Stealing The Fire album cover for King Of Shadows

(Image credit: Stealing The Fire)