Slipknot tease the 'Knotverse' in cryptic Knotfest video

Slipknot in 2021
(Image credit: Alexandar Gay)

Slipknot have shared a cryptic video post to promote something called the Knotverse.

Babymetal recently announced their own metaverse known as the Metalverse, and it now appears that Slipknot are following suit, as it looks like they'll also be hosting their very own virtual world.

In a clip posted on their social media displaying the word 'Knotfest' – the title of their bespoke travelling festival – a voice can be heard saying "The whole thing, I think it's sick", while the video glitches, and the word 'Knotverse' appears. 

The voice sample is taken from the 1973 documentary Manson, and spoken by Corey Hurst, the former cellmate of Manson family member Susan Atkins, and is instantly identifiable to the band's beloved 'Maggots' as the sample introducing 742617000027 at the start of the band's 1999 Roadrunner debut.

As the video shares very little information - the post's caption teases "Probably nothing...", we can only offer a guess at what this all means, but may perhaps hint that Slipknot could be hosting a virtual version of Knotfest in their own metaverse.

Sandbox – a "community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain" – have shared a similar clip on their Twitter account with the same caption, "probably nothing...". 

If Slipknot do join the world of NFTs, we can only imagine the endless possibilities they might explore. Perhaps they'll make NFT masks, so fans can sport their own in the Knotverse? We'd also love to see what virtual moshing looks like. The future is now, folks, and it's pretty astounding. 

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