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Slash, Marduk and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show

There's a lot you can do with guitars – hammer nails with them, slice eggs with them, use them as a makeshift oar... but some people use them to make music. IMAGINE THAT! And none moreso than the man in our debut section tonight...

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we’re going to be playing a load of tracks from Slash’s debut album. The top-hatted, fuzzy-haired solo maestro is getting a good ol’ airing on TeamRock Radio, what could be better?

Well we’re also spinning the best from some of the heaviest buggers around including Thy Art Is Murder, Upon A Burning Body, Marduk, Ihsahn, Sister, Tomahawk and Wilson.

And we’ll be talking about Home Alone. That’s a lie, we’re actually talking about Macaulay Culkin and how his band The Pizza Underground were booed off stage in Nottingham the other night. As you can probably tell by the name, the band change Velvet Underground songs to be pizza themed (oh, lol…).

This got us thinking: when was the last time you booed a band or left a gig and why?

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.