Thy Art Is Murder Fans Storm Stage At Soundwave

Thy Art Is Murder have attracted some considerable controversy after causing a stage invasion at Soundwave this past weekend.

The Aussie deathcore heavyweights invited fans up on stage during the final song of their set at Soundwave’s Brisbane stop-off, causing dozens of fans to rush past security after frontman CJ McMahon is reported to have pushed fans to “smash” them.

“There are thousand of you and dozens of security,” NewsFeed quotes CJ as saying. “Smash them. All of you get on the stage.”

However, a video below, reportedly taken at Brisbane, shows the singer giving a slightly different speech to the one reported:

What CJ from Thy Art Is Murder really said

The band’s sound is believed to have been cut short following the stage invasion, with Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah initially set to kick Thy Art off the festival, tweeting, “That is why we do not have many Australian bands on Soundwave. Disrespectful arseholes”.

However, AJ later confirmed that after talks with the band, Thy Art would remain on the festival, noting that “hopefully we’ll see a more considerate band on the tour”.