Wilson to release Full Blast Fuckery in the UK

The boozy, beardy, partying bastards are releasing debut album Full Blast Fuckery on vinyl in the UK.

The record with what might be our favourite title of the year is being released on British shores on snazzy-ass bright green vinyl. We’ve been waiting ages for this and if you’re uninitiated into the world of Wilson, check out the video above and below.

Frontman Chad Nicefield says “We’ve been anxiously gyrating over here in the States for the past year waiting for our record Full Blast Fuckery to finally, physically make its way over the pond. We also can’t be anymore stoked to start titty-fucking the ears and souls of you all with our first ever vinyl release! The packaging and artwork we put together for this is all very new and very special to us! We hope this piece of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery lands itself a load all over your hearts and minds! Climb the volcano of fuckery and let it blast forever!”

You heard him folks… climb the volcano of fuckery.

Full Blast Fuckery will be released 7 July. CDs, vinyl, hats and t-shirt bundles can be pre-ordered here.

Check out the video for College Gangbang below. It’s been nominated for Video Of The Year in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods – vote here.

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