Slash feared for 'frat boy' video


Slash says he feared the lyric video for his track World On Fire would be too "frat boy".

It’s the title number from his upcoming third album, which is to be released as a Classic Rock Fanpack on September 15 – a full four weeks before its official launch.

The provocative promo features everything from sex to arson, and although the guitar hero is happy with the results, he admits he had some concerns when he read the original idea from director Laban Pheidias.

Slash says: “The video for World On Fire is definitely a little bit edgy. Compared to what most people are doing these days it might be a little risqué. The actual plot line is something that you’d have to watch – it’s self explanatory but pretty entertaining.

“I wanted something that was specifically dark but specifically fun. Definitely something that you couldn’t play on regular TV. We interviewed a bunch of different directors and got treatments from them on the song.

“The guy who wrote and directed it had an idea we thought was cool. As long as it’s not too frat-boyish, is the thing I was concerned with. When I went down to the studio to shoot my cameo he definitely had the right vibe, so I’m very happy with it.”

Vocalist Myles Kennedy adds that he expected a regular old lyric video – but got a shock when he saw the finished product. He says: “I’m expecting the lyrics going along the bottom with a little ball bouncing. There were things bouncing, but not a little ball. It continues to progress and gets more provocative as it goes.

“By the end, all bets are off – there’s a certain shock value and it’s very rock ‘n’ roll.”