Sixx AM get ready to go


Sixx AM have released another track from their upcoming album Modern Vintage.

Let’s Go is the third single lifted from the album, with tracks Stars and Gotta Get It Right previously taken from their third album which is set for release on October 7 via Eleven Seven Music.

Included on Modern Vintage is a cover of The Cars 1985 track Drive, which bassist Nikki Sixx says was the perfect track for the band to cover.

He said: “The song is so loved by so many people, including us, that we really wanted to pay a real tribute to it, and I believe we have.”

Modern Vintage tracklist

  1. Stars

  2. Gotta Get It Right

  3. Relief

  4. Get Ya Some

  5. Let’s Go

  6. Drive

  7. Give Me A Love

  8. Hyperventilate

  9. High On The Music

  10. Miracle

  11. Before It’s Over