Sixx:AM albums heavy but diverse says Nikki


Nikki Sixx says he’s completed bass recording duties for both upcoming Sixx:AM albums.

He believes the band have outdone themselves with the material – and he’s emphasised once again that the band will no longer be a side-project after Motley Crue play their final show later this month.

Sixx says: “Fuck, yes – finished all my bass parts for both albums. Tour dates and releases being planned as we speak. DJ Ashba has just a few more solos and guitar tracks to go as James Michael is finalising his lead vocals, then starting the mixing process.

“I felt like we’ve topped ourselves on both albums song-wise, but in the end our fans will make that decision for us.”

In a Facebook question and answer session Sixx describes the records as “heavy but well-rounded” and “diverse,” and adds: “The future is all Sixx:AM.”

Ashba left Guns N’Roses earlier this year in order to focus on the band, who aim to spend at least two years on tour once the album releases are set.

Sixx AM won't trade off Crue legacy