Sixx:AM aim for 2 albums in 2016

Sixx:AM are planning to release a pair of connected albums in 2016 as companions to a two-year world tour.

Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael will issue the follow-ups to 2014’s Modern Vintage separately, giving fans a chance to fully absorb each project.

Motley Crue man Sixx explains: “We’re in the most creative place of our career, and we’ve already completed almost 24 songs to date. We’re still on a writing and recording spree, and we plan on finishing up at least 30 songs total.

“Volume 1 and Volume 2 tie together thematically and sonically. They will not be released at the same time – but both will come out in 2016. This will be tied in with a 24-month world tour.”

Frontman Michael says the group’s first headline tour in North America this spring has proven to be the catalyst for the band’s most prolific period.

He reports: “There have been a few moments in Sixx:AM’s history that I would consider turning points. The most pivotal moment came when we set out on our first headlining tour for Modern Vintage. Playing to sold-out audiences every night made it clear that we had finally become a real band.

“We’ve taken that energy and inspiration into the studio as we embark on our most ambitious undertaking – a double album which leaves no stone unturned in our quest to create important music and push the boundaries of rock.”

Sixx will wrap up his live career with Motley Crue on New Year’s Eve.

The bassist recently insisted Sixx:AM would avoid trading off Crue’s legacy legacy as he turned his focus away from the veteran outfit.