Six Feet Under unveil Crypt Of The Devil


Six Feet Under will release 11th album Crypt Of The Devil on May 4, they’ve confirmed.

And mainman Chris Barnes says the work continues his theme of seeing the world from a serial killer’s viewpoint.

The former Cannibal Corpse vocalist was joined by Cannabis Corpse’s Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall on writing duties. The band’s live lineup is completed by guitarist Steve Swanson, bassist Jeff Hughell and drummer Marco Pitruzella.

Barnes says: “The songs paint a picture that’s not necessarily liner – rather meandering back and forth through a dark soul. It’s a winding journey through his mind.”

_Crypt Of The Devil _– the follow-up to 2013’s Unborn – will be launched via Metal Blade Records.


  1. Gruesome

  2. Open Coffin Orgy

  3. Broken Bottle Rape

  4. Break The Cross In Half

  5. Lost Remains

  6. Slit Wrists

  7. Stab

  8. The Night Bleeds

  9. Compulsion To Brutalize

  10. Eternal in Darkness