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Simple Minds to release Street Fighting Years box set

(Image credit: UMC)

Simple Minds will release a box set celebrating their 1989 album Street Fighting Years.

The new edition was remastered at Abbey Road studios by Andrew Walters and will be presented as a 4CD set, a 2CD deluxe package and on 2LP – and it’ll be out on March 6 through UMC.

The follow-up to 1985’s Once Upon A Time featured the core trio of vocalist Jim Kerr, guitarist Charlie Burchill and keyboardist Mick MacNeil, with a raft of other musicians brought in during studio sessions, including Stewart Copeland, Leroy Williams, Mel Gaynor, Lisa Germano and Lou Reed, who provided backing vocals on This Is Your Land.

The 4CD set will include all 11 album tracks, a disc of edits, b-sides and remixes, and a double CD featuring a previously unreleased live show recorded in Verona in 1989.

The 2-disc versions will feature the original album, plus the disc of edits, b-sides and remixes.

Along with the music, the Street Fighting Years box set will also come with a booklet designed by long time Simple Minds contributor Stuart Crouch, which contains sleeve notes penned by Daryl Easlea who interviewed the band and producer Trevor Horn for the set.

Find full details below.

Simple Minds: Street Fighting Years box set
Simple Minds revisit their classic 1989 studio album Street Fighting Years with this new box set. It not only features all 11 album tracks, but is crammed with b-sides, extras and live cuts.View Deal

Simple Minds: Street Fighting Years Box Set

CD1: Street Fighting Years                                         
1. Street Fighting Years                                                                
2. Soul Crying Out
3. Wall of Love
4. This Is Your Land                                                                           
5. Take A Step Back                                                                          
6. Kick It In                                                                                             
7. Let It All Come Down                                                                
8. Mandela Day                                                                                 
9. Belfast Child                                                                                   
10. Biko                                                                                                      
11. When Spirits Rise 

CD2: Edits, B-Sides and Remixes                           
1. Belfast Child - Edit                                                                    
2. Mandela Day- Edit                                                                     .
3. This Is Your Land - Edit                                                           
4. Saturday Girl – B-Side                                                             
5. Year of The Dragon – B-Side                                                
6. This Is Your Land - DJ Version                                            
7. Kick It In - Edit                                                                              
8. Waterfront - '89 Remix                                                          
9. Big Sleep - Live                                                                            
10. Kick It In - Unauthorised Mix
11. Sign O' The Times - Edit                                                          
12. Let It All Come Down - Edit
13. Sign O' The Times - B-Side
14. Jerusalem B-Side                                                                      
15. Sign O' The Times - C. J. Mackintosh Remix              

CD 3: Verona Live
1. Theme for Great Cities '90                                                    
2. When Spirits Rise                                                                       
3. Street Fighting Years                                                                
4. Mandela Day                                                                                 
5. This Is Your Land                                                                          
6. Soul Crying Out                                                                             
7. Waterfront                                                                                      
8. Ghost Dancing                                                                              
9. Book of Brilliant Things
10. Don't You (Forget About Me)                                                

CD4: Verona Live cont.                                                                     
1. Gaelic Melody                                                                               
2. Kick It In                                                                                             
3. Let It All Come Down                                                                
4. Belfast Child                                                                                   
5. Sun City                                                                                              
6. Biko                                                                                                      
7. Sanctify Yourself                                                                          
8. East at Easter                                                                                
9. Alive and Kicking