Shaman's Harvest launch Red Hands, Black Deeds album trailer

Shaman's Harvest

Missouri rockers Shaman’s Harvest have launched a video trailer to mark the release of their upcoming sixth album Red Hands Black Deeds, the follow-up to 2014’s Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns.

Red Hands, Black Deeds touches upon the darker nature inside all of us,” says singer Nathan Hunt. “The whole record has a contrast and push and pull tension - a juxtaposition of good and bad or questioning what is right and wrong. The record ended up having a concept, though we weren’t intending it to.”=

The new album was produced with was produced by Keith Armstrong, who has previously worked with Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, Deftones, My Chemical Romance, Bruce Springsteen, Shinedown and Bob Seger, and is well-known for his analogue approach to production.

“We didn’t want to use anything digital,” says bassist Matt Fisher. “So to get certain effects, we made stuff. For instance, we used an old rotary telephone implanted into microphones for the outro of Scavengers. Keith helped us think outside the box.”

Recording began in November 2016, with US Election fervour at its peak, and this is reflected in the album. “It’s no wonder there are social and political undertones to many of the songs,” says guitarist Josh Hamler. “The tension in the record kind of speaks for itself. There’s a dark anxiety, tension-filled feeling that’s going on in the world.”

“Our music wouldn’t be what it is if we weren’t from a hillbilly kind of a state,“says Fisher. “It’s been 21 years for us, so it’s a brotherhood and there are fights, but I think over all it’s just keeping some distance in between tours when we need it.”

Red Hands, Black Deeds is released on July 28.

Track Listing

Broken Ones
The Come Up
A Longer View
Soul Crusher
Off The Tracks
Long Way Home
Bring Me Back
The Devil In Our Wake
Blood Trophies
So Long
Tusk And Bone

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