Serj Tankian teams up with dance star Benny Benassi


Serj Tankian has teamed up with dance producer Benny Benassi on a new track which is now available to stream.

The System Of A Down frontman lends his vocal skills to the song Shooting Helicopters, which came about when the two met in 2013 and agreed to work together.

Benassi says he is a long-time admirer of Tankian’s vocal prowess and adds that the pair spent six months refining the track.

Benassi adds: “The idea of bringing Serj’s vocal style into our musical environment was a real challenge. As soon as I started experimenting with the music under the vocals, I was immediately struck by the atmosphere of the song which is decidedly different from most things you here at the festivals I play at and unlike anything we’ve done so far, ourselves.

“I started playing embryonic versions out, especially as a set opener and the effect was devastating. We kept working on the music until we were 100% satisfied. I’d like to thank Serj for being part of this. Respect.”

Tankian is also lined up to appear on another dance track. He is among a number of rock stars set to guest on the next album by top DJ Avicii.