Scott Ian: Fans must support music

Scott Ian says fans must support new music from their favourite bands because there are long-term consequences if people continue with illegal downloading.

And the Anthrax guitarist says it’s not just artists who’ll suffer if things don’t change.

Ian tells Eddie Trunk Live: “Music’s never been cheaper than now. You can get a brand new record from your favourite band for $10. And even that’s high, because most bands will sell them cheaper.

“It wasn’t that long ago that CDs cost $18.99 at the Virgin Megastore. Records cost half what they used to cost, and people aren’t buying them as much, which is crazy to me. What more do the people want?

“I understand why it’s happening but you would think people would just have the attitude, ‘I’m gonna support music, I’m gonna support the bands I love, because if I don’t support this, the bands I love aren’t gonna be able to make records any more.

He says he’d probably have done the same when he was younger, but adds: “For me to get a free Kiss album in 1977 would have meant having the balls to walk into a record store, take a vinyl album, stick it under my shirt and walk out without getting caught. There was a consequence to that.”

Anthrax are currently working on their 11th album with producer Jay Ruston and shared video from the studio in their latest update. It’s expected next year following the release of the 30th anniversary edition of Spreading The Disease.

Anthrax return to the road at the end of this month, ending with a run of UK shows with Slayer in November.