Saint Agnes premiere Sister Electric single

Saint Agnes
Saint Agnes
(Image: © Keira-Cullinane)

London-based psych band Saint Agnes are premiering their new single with Classic Rock. Sister Electric will be released on June 17 on Death or Glory Gang Records, and is the follow-up to last year’s A Beautiful Day For Murder single. Sister Electric will be released as a super limited edition vinyl seven inch, lathe-cut in real time on forty year old machines rescued from a Karaoke bar in Tokyo. The single will be released on clear vinyl, and each copy comes wrapped in a unique, hand-drawn sleeve. It can be pre-ordered now.

“Sister Electric was summoned into being with a ritualistic invocation,” says singer Kitty Arabella Austen. “She is the embodiment of that feeling you get when you listen to your favourite song and become a thing possessed… We cast spells on vintage microphones, invoked demons with a 50’s junk shop Kay guitar and called to higher female powers with screaming harmonica. The Sister has been summoned. And she is among us.”

Saint Agnes are playing at Time Out’s Rising Stars Event on May 17 at London’s 229 Club. Tickets are on sale now. The band also play a single release party at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on June 17.