Rush plan return to the road


Alex Lifeson has confirmed Rush are planning to end their year-long break by returning to the road next year.

The band called a temporary halt after their Clockwork Angels world tour, which began in September 2012 and ended 13 months later. Weeks later guitarist Alex Lifeson confirmed: “We’ve committed to taking about a year off. We all agreed when we finished this tour, we were going to take this time off. We weren’t going to talk about band stuff or make any plans.”

The Canadian giants will release their highly-anticipated R40 box set in November, including a bonus disc of long-awaited unseen archive material.

LIfeson tells Artisan News: “We’re talking about putting a tour together for next spring. This is kind of a prelude to it. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years already – but I hope for another 40.”

The band were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last year, and recently gave their blessing to having a creative community park named after them in the area of Toronto where Lifeson and bandmate Geddy Lee grew up.