Rush novel No.2 underway


Neil Peart is working with author Kevin J Anderson on a sequel to their Clockwork Angels novel, it's been confirmed.

Titled Clockwork Lives, the book will feature characters from the band’s award-winning 2012 album and story.

The plans were announced by Anderson at the annual Rushcon in Toronto – and he also used the opportunity to announce a second literature project based on the Canadian icons’ work.

Anderson reports: “For those of you not lucky enough to be at Rushcon, I made an announcement about an anthology of Rush-based stories I’ll be co-editing with John McFetridge for ECW.

“We have a gang of award-winning and best-selling authors lined up to contribute stories based on Rush songs. I’ll be doing a novella called 2113.”

No launch date has been confirmed for Clockwork Lives, which has reached the third-way mark, says Anderson.

Earlier this month, Peart announced the second part of his autobiography Far And Near: On Days Like These will be published later this year, charting three years of his life and music.