Stones are better than ever - but don’t know why


The Rolling Stones are better live than they’ve ever been, says Ronnie Wood – but he can’t explain it.

The veteran outfit are gearing up for a US tour later this month, set to include tracks they haven’t played in years.

In a Twitter Q&A featuring all four members, Wood says: “We are better live now. I don’t know what’s happened.

“I’m going to enjoy the next stage of rehearsals we’re in now. They’re fun, believe me, and the music’s high quality. We’re going to explode one day, I think.”

Asked to describe his career in one word, he replies: “Fun!”

Mick Jagger reveals he begins practicing his singing a month before hitting the road. “After a few weeks I do karaoke,” he says, “But not in a smoke-filled room.”

Responding to a question about pre-show nerves he explains: “I don’t really get nervous, I get excited. Before the first show of a tour sometimes I get anxious. Anything can go wrong, there’s things than can happen. But I’m not really nervous.”

Keith Richards is asked to reveal the secret of immortality, and replies: “I ain’t there yet. So far so good! A clean and healthy life, plenty of exercise, go to church on Sunday.”

Charlie Watts, asked if he’s tired of seeing Jagger’s rear end after decades behind the drumkit, replies: “No. One of the finest views in the country.”

The Stones will re-release 1971 album Sticky Fingers next month.