Roddy Bottum's Pride playlist is the most Epic thing you'll hear today

Roddy Bottum with a Pride flag
(Image credit: Mark Venema / Getty Images)

Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum has made a playlist to celebrate Pride and it's about as Epic as you might expect from alt-rock's premiere mischief-making ivory-tinkler.

The playlist – which features tracks from his own band Imperial Teen as well as 80s classics from the likes of Soft Cell and Visage, plus some punk-rock from The Germs – is an eclectic, joyful mix from start to finish and one which Bottum says reflects the sound of his community. 

“Pride to me began as a very lonely and personal mission,” Roddy Bottum tells Apple Music. “I came out in 1985 and had no role models. Elton John, Rob Halford, and even Freddie Mercury were still in the closet.” 

“Today it means being at a political rally with my community; the sound of our collective chants and handclaps and cheers of confidence. I hope my playlist can somehow reference that through my passion of music listening.”

Check out his Pride playlist in full below.

Briony Edwards

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