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Remastered Magma 1979 live album released

Magma group shot from 2020
(Image credit: Christophe Abramowitz)

French zeuhl legend's Magma have had their Bourges, 1979 live release, originally released in 2008 as Akt XV: Bourges 1979, remastered and re-released. The new recording has been remastered and the original tape, which had suffered before being found, has been restored and reworked.

At the time the band were touring on the back of 1978 Attahk album, which saw the deliberately move in a more commercial direction, incorporating elements of funk, rhythm and blues and soul into their progressive sound, and features both The Last Seven Minutes and Nono from the album.

The album represents a period of tension in the band. Magma split after 1976's Üdü Ẁüdü and reformed with a different line-up for Attahk, with bassist Jannick Top departing the band once again.

Akt15V2 Bourges, 1979 is available as a 2 CD set. You can view the artwork and tracklisting below.

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(Image credit: Magma)

Magma: Bourges, 1979
1. Retrovision 
2. The Last Seven Minutes 
3. Urgin Gorgo 
4. Korusz XXVI 
5. Hhai
6. Nono
7. Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh