Red House Glory unveil debut EP


Red House Glory have released their debut EP – and say they have two more in the works.

While an album is in their thoughts, for the moment the English rockers are happy to put out shorter releases and build on their momentum through bigger gigs.

Living A Lie was released this week, along with a video for the title track.

The band say: “After this EP, we have two more finished and ready to release in 2015, so we are hoping to keep up the momentum and build on the great support we’ve gained from the release of Living A Lie into next year.

“We’re constantly writing and developing ourselves as a band, making sure we keep coming up with the best music we can.”

The band’s sound has been likened to that of Wolfmother, Queens Of The Stone Age and Tax The Heat. But whatever the comparisons, the band are just happy to be heard.

They add: “Hopefully we’ll start thinking about an album in 2015, but at the moment we’re just really happy playing our gigs and having people listening and engaging with our music. The response has been amazing.”