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Stolen Radiohead guitar returns after 19 years

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood hit the stage this weekend with a guitar he thought he’d never see again.

It was stolen in 1995 while the band toured in the US in support of second album The Bends.

But last year, Radiohead fan site The King Of Gear heard from a reader who’d recognised the Ebony Frost Fender Telecaster Plus, and arranged its return.

The King Of Gear explains: “Someone recognised Jonny’s Telecaster as one they’d purchased in Denver, the city in which all the band’s gear was stolen on October 4, 1995. I directed them to Plank, the band’s guitar tech, and the result was that the guitar was returned to Jonny.”

Greenwood played it during his show with the London Contemporary Orchestra in Oxford over the weekend. He said: “It was a pretty awe-inspiring evening.”

Radiohead will continue studio work on their 9th album next month.