Premiere: Radio Alcatraz - Holiday in a Police State

Politicised London post-hardcore quartet Radio Alcatraz have released a second track from their It's All Coming Up Roses debut album.

Holiday In A Police State follows the release of Industry Has Failed, Activate The Black Magic, the album’s first single, which was released last month.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Simon Griffiths says, “Holiday In A Police State is an Orwellian cautionary tale that asks exactly what price we pay for the apparent freedom we enjoy in the west. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the increasingly intrusive and insidious presence of our ‘protectors’, because to do otherwise would compromise the lifestyle we’ve become so accustomed to. But by not discussing this inconvenient truth we choose to sit in silence and turn the other cheek as more and more steps are taken under our very noses to compromise our privacy and civil liberties.”

Check out Holiday In A Police State below:

It’s All Coming Up Roses will be released through the band’s own Radio Alcatraz Music label on December 8. The album features guest appearances from Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier, Justin Sane from Anti-Flag, Hell Is For Heroes vocalist Justin Schlosberg and Jamie Lenman.