Post-rocker Maebe teases new album and shares clip for Myriad

Maebe against blue background
(Image credit: Olly Curtis)

Maebe, aka Michael Astley-Brown, has released a full-band playthrough for fan favourite Myriad

The math rock-infused track, taken from his 2020 self-titled debut album, is captured by the full live line-up, which includes a devastating triple-guitar attack, gnarly bass grooves and bombastic drums.

Band members’ respective sessions were recorded at home, just before the UK emerged from the third instalment in its trilogy of lockdowns. The live line-up – who hope to soon be able to play outside their living rooms – comprises Michael Astley-Brown, Will Thomas, Duncan Stagg (guitars); Simon Arblaster (bass); Stuart Williams (drums). The audio track is also available on Bandcamp.

"The Maebe album was a solo effort, but the intention was always to play these songs live," says Astley-Brown. "Since it dropped during lockdown last year, the live line-up never got a chance to rehearse, let alone gig, so filming 'live' playthroughs was the next best thing – and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Plus, I never got the opportunity to film an actual video for the original track, so this is probably as close as I'll get to that, too!"

Maebe is currently hard at work on a heavier, more melodic follow-up to last year’s Maebe. Says the guitarist, "There are 10 tracks in the works right now – melody is the absolute focus this time around, and I've stripped back the arrangements so every layer counts. It traverses everything instrumental – post, math and prog – and I recently got a baritone guitar, so expect Big Riffs. I'm aiming to pitch this one to a few labels, so hoping to get something out by the end of the year."